Andy Krieger has been called one of the top traders in history. Revered for his famous “breaking the Kiwi” trade in which he made $300 million shorting the New Zealand dollar, Andy has cemented his legacy on Wall Street and beyond.

While pursuing his MBA at the prestigious Wharton Business School, Andy fell in love with trading when he was first hired for a summer job at JP Morgan. He went on to graduate Phi Beta Kappa and set himself on the path to becoming a Wall Street legend. Andy’s first job was with the famous investment bank Salomon Brothers, where he quickly earned a reputation as a shrewd, innovative trader and became a Vice President after only six months. Andy was then recruited by Bankers Trust to head their global currency options business. It was at Bankers Trust where he became a legend. After Andy came on board, the bank’s trading profits in foreign exchange jumped by over $460 million than they had earned the year before. This was the only significant operational or personnel change the bank had made prior to recording these profits. 

After Bankers Trust, Andy was recruited by George Soros to be his successor and run the Quantum Fund, which was at the time the largest hedge fund in the world. After a few months of profitable trading with Soros, Andy decided he wanted to have a more balanced life for his wife and children, so he left the spotlight of Wall Street. But while he wasn’t trading publicly, he continued to be very active privately, refining his methods for developing market views and managing risk to help one client generate over a billion dollars in trade profits in just one year. Over the years he has advised some of the wealthiest people in the world, including former presidential candidate and billionaire Ross Perot, multinational corporations ranging from Anheuser-Busch to Tiffanys, and even Middle Eastern royal families and central banks on several continents. He expects enormous volatility in many major markets over the coming years, and he hopes to help his clients protect themselves from potentially large losses as well as profit from these rare opportunities. 

Now, after over thirty years in the business, Andy wants to share how to best take advantage of the enormous potential which he sees developing in the global markets. His goal is simple: To help people use smart trading techniques to create multi-generational wealth.