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Andy Krieger

Andy Krieger claims the honor of being one of the top traders in history. Revered in trading circles for his famous trade that “broke the Kiwi,” where he made $300 million shorting the New Zealand dollar, Andy has cemented his legacy in the trading world.

Trading wasn’t always Andy’s main aspiration. In college, Andy studied Sanskrit, Bengali, Hebrew, and eastern philosophy, aiming to become a professor of Indian philosophy. He continued those studies later in life, as a world traveler and publisher of philosophical works. But shortly after college, Andy decided to pursue a business degree and, before long, found himself at his first trading job at a JP Morgan trading desk in Delaware.

Despite only a passing interest in the stock market (barring a stint at four years old, picking stocks from the newspaper for his father to buy) Andy found much success in the trading world and decided to make it his career.

What proceeded was a rapid rise to the top ranks of traders around the world. From JP Morgan, Andy went on to work at Banker’s Trust, Solomon Brothers, and eventually was chosen to become a successor to George Soros’ Quantum Fund. He made hundreds of millions of dollars in trading profits along the way.

But in 1988, Andy abruptly left Wall Street to spend more time focusing on his family and his passion for eastern languages and philosophy.

Nowadays, Andy’s goal is to train a group of apprentices on how to best take advantage of the highly lucrative currency markets. He provides the resources to turn every novice into an expert… and regular trade ideas to further hone their skills.

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