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Imre Gams

Imre’s career in the financial markets has spanned a variety of different roles, including managing proprietary funds, creating and distributing a trading educational service for a following of 20,000 traders, and working alongside a leading proprietary trading firm as a trading performance coach.

Imre is currently trading and managing proprietary funds with his partner, Andrew Krieger, from their office in Florida.

Imre is also a motivational and public speaker, and he has spoken to audiences on topics such as technical analysis, emotional discipline, trading psychology, and the conversion of market ideas into profitable trades.

Imre serves as a board member at the University of Toronto, where he takes a key role in the approval and execution of large-scale projects.

At Andy Krieger Trading, Imre works with Andy Krieger as an analyst for Andy’s subscribers, creating videos and articles on forex trading, technical analysis, and market forecasts. He is also given a large capital allocation for his trading.

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