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Lesson 9: It’s Time to Make a Move

Imre Gams here, Andy Krieger’s apprentice. I just wrapped up the next video in our training series. And I can’t wait to show you the trade we have in store… Today’s trade is a perfect example of Andy’s key trading strategy: the compression pattern. As Andy showed in his email to you last night, pressure […]

Lesson 8: Time to Take Profits on These Two Trades

Imre Gams here – Andy Krieger’s apprentice. In my time as Andy’s apprentice, I’ve been privy to his best ideas and techniques for making a fortune trading the markets. It’s been an invaluable experience… Something that’s completely evolved the way I trade.  And soon, you’ll have the opportunity for that same level of apprenticeship… At […]

Lesson 7: The Answer to Market Chaos

Imre Gams here – Mr. K’s apprentice. I just recorded a brand-new, free forex trading video. Check it out right here or watch it below. We’re coming off the most volatile week in months… And seeing huge profits on the calls we made last week. That includes the calls from last Sunday’s video, and from […]

Lesson 6: The Most Important Concept in Forex

Dear Trading Icons Reader, Imre Gams here with the next in our weekly series of forex videos. Click right here or watch below to check it out. There’s a lot to cover in today’s video. But the most important thing (at 10:28) is a concept that’s integral to the currency trading world. It’s what allows […]

Lesson 5: Bitcoin’s Wild Move

Imre Gams here with another free forex training video. Watch it right here or press play on the video below. Today we’ll be focusing on the Swiss franc. Particularly on the surprising news that the U.S. has branded Switzerland a currency manipulator – just as it did with China. What are the potential consequences for […]

Lesson 4: Only You Can Access This Trading Secret

Imre Gams here with another free forex trading video. Click right here or press the play button below to watch it. Right now, there’s a lot happening in the world that could seriously impact financial markets… Foremost are ongoing tensions in the Middle East. After Iran admitted it accidentally shot down a Ukrainian passenger flight, […]