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Right now, there’s a lot happening in the world that could seriously impact financial markets…

Foremost are ongoing tensions in the Middle East. After Iran admitted it accidentally shot down a Ukrainian passenger flight, causing an uproar of protests in the country, Trump tweeted a message of support for the Iranian people. This saga may be further from its end than originally thought.

We also have the Phase One China trade deal signing, scheduled for January 15th. This news is expected to dominate headlines for the week, as traders come to understand just how substantive the deal will be.

Finally, the Friday jobs report missed overall expectations… a sign the US job market may be cooling. But despite all this uncertainty, the S&P 500 and the Dow both had a strong week.

How can one trade in this environment? How do you make sense of potentially conflicting information? What should you do when news pulls you one way… and data the other? 

The solution’s not some chart pattern or magical indicator you’ve never heard of. It’s far rarer than that. But luckily, you and I have access to it.

I’ll reveal what it is, and revisit last week’s forex trades, all in today’s video. Just click right here to watch it.