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Imre Gams here with the next in our weekly series of forex videos. Click right here or watch below to check it out.

There’s a lot to cover in today’s video. But the most important thing (at 10:28) is a concept that’s integral to the currency trading world.

It’s what allows currency traders to make such massive profits… on fairly small moves. And it’s the concept that lead Mr. K to booking profits in the hundreds of millions of dollars… and managing billions.

For our forecasts, we’ll first take a look at the USD/CAD trading pair, which boasts a potentially lucrative technical setup right now. From what Mr. K and I see, this is an important trade to watch in the coming week.

We’ll also look at crude oil, a massively important international commodity, and how it’s reacted to the more risk-off environment we’re suddenly in. Then, it’s back to the bitcoin chart… which, in our view, is set up for continued upside into its recent bullish breakout.  

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