Imre Gams here – Mr. K’s apprentice. I just recorded a brand-new, free forex trading video. Check it out right here or watch it below.

We’re coming off the most volatile week in months… And seeing huge profits on the calls we made last week. That includes the calls from last Sunday’s video, and from the note Mr. K wrote you on Monday.

A quick recap: In his note, Mr. K noted the brimming potential for the coronavirus to wreak havoc on world markets – advising traders to rotate out of equities on any strength, and into risk-off assets.

Sure enough, the S&P 500 took a 2% dive on Friday as the virus’s spread and death toll accelerated.

As for last week’s video, the bearish pattern on the AUD/USD chart played out in stunning fashion… The USD/CAD pair continued to accelerate higher… And BTC broke out of the falling wedge we spotted last week.

It’s a chaotic landscape that seems to have caught Wall Street off guard. So, what’s the next trade? How can we turn this chaos into profits?

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