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Lesson 2: What These Big Breakouts Say About 2020

Imre here, Mr. K’s apprentice. I just wrapped up the second in my series of free, educational forex videos. Click here or press play below to watch it.\ Last week, we looked at three trading pairs that were primed for a breakout: AUD/USD, NZD/USD, and CAD/USD. As we expected, they all did… with the former […]

Lesson 1: Three Trade Setups for the Coming Week

Imre Gams here, Mr. K’s apprentice… I just wrapped up recording the first in a brand-new, free series of trading videos. In today’s video, I’ll tell you all about how I know Mr. K… and precisely what we see shaping up for the markets this week. You’ll learn about three unique trading setups from a […]

Imre and “Mr. K” are in the rotation now…

Today we have something unusual to share with you… Imre Gams “Mr. K.” We have a new trader to introduce you to. His name is Imre Gams. But here’s what’s unusual… Imre is not alone. He’s the apprentice of a silent figure, “Mr. K”. “Mr. K” has been called many things… “A cowboy”… “A big […]