Imre Gams here – Andy Krieger’s apprentice.

In my time as Andy’s apprentice, I’ve been privy to his best ideas and techniques for making a fortune trading the markets. It’s been an invaluable experience… Something that’s completely evolved the way I trade. 

And soon, you’ll have the opportunity for that same level of apprenticeship…

At Andy’s upcoming event, where he’ll reveal the details of a BIG trade he sees just on the horizon, seven lucky viewers will get the chance to trade Andy’s recommendations… and get a world-class trading education from one of the top 3 traders of all time… completely free.

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Now, on to today’s video…

This week I’ll give you an updated look at our current trading watchlist. That includes the AUD/USD currency pair, which just hit our profit target… The USD/CAD pair, which also looks ripe for profit-taking… And the ever-exciting bitcoin, which is starting to hit major technical resistance after its massive breakout.

Just press play below to watch today’s video.

To a profitable trading week,


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