Andy Krieger’s Big Trades

Revered in currency trading circles for his legendary $300 million profit shorting the New Zealand dollar in 1987, Andy Krieger has always been seen as one of the most aggressive traders in history – despite his extreme aversion to risk.

Andy’s trading technique is one of careful consideration, impeccable timing, and conservative risk management. In his education and advisory program Andy Krieger’s Big Trades, he brings over 30 years of storied experience to teach his proteges about the lucrative trading opportunities in forex.

He does this with specific, actionable trade recommendations as well as over six hours of comprehensive forex training seminars. With Big Trades, Andy’s goal is to show everyday investors how to grow their savings with sound trading strategies that have been time-tested under many market conditions.

Over the years, Andy has advised hedge funds, multinational corporations, presidential candidates, some of the wealthiest families in the world, and even central banks. With the creation of Big Trades, the curtain that has cloaked the inner workings of the foreign exchange markets – which is the single largest marketplace in the world – is about to be pulled back, and these strategies can be applied successfully to every market. Whether you are trading stocks, bonds, commodities or foreign exchange, the same principles will help you generate profits.

After over 30 years in the business, Andy now wants to help people tap into these special opportunities, giving them the chance to create wealth that can sustain generations.

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