Andy Krieger’s Trading Secrets

In Andy Krieger’s Trading Secrets, Andy’s decades of experience trading the foreign currency and other markets are distilled into over six hours of short, easy-to-understand lessons covering currency trading, technical analysis, 9risk management, and the responsible use of leverage. 

For any investor who wants a more multi-layered approach, there’s simply no better resource available anywhere than Andy Krieger’s insights on forex and global macro trading..

Andy is consistently ranked as one of the top traders of all time and is famous for making currency trades in the billions – yet he is just as well known within the forex community for his innovative risk-management strategies. Though it was not his most profitable trade, Andy’s most famous move was when he shorted the New Zealand dollar – known in trading circles as “breaking the kiwi” – which netted $300 million for his company..

Up until now, Andy has only shared the strategies that he uses to make consistent, profitable trades of all sizes, with a few select institutional clients, but he will now share these strategies with you in Andy Krieger’s Trading Secrets.

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Andy Krieger claims the honor of being one of the top traders in history. Revered in trading circles for...

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